22. Blast Off

Please use the page text and scene notes to produce artwork with the best chance of winning. We will also be looking for the most imaginative ideas and highest quality formats.

Page Text

Robot 24810 and Beep strapped into their seats.

‘Count us down Beep’, Robot 24810 said.

3… 2… 1…

‘Blast off!’, they shouted as he pressed the launch button.

The spaceship began to lift off.

They watched outside as they flew through the sky.

Soon, they were among the stars.”

Scene Notes

  • Imagine and create their new ship blasting through the air and into space

  • Robot 24810 and Beep both sit at the front of the spaceship (see Character Guide)

    If you are unable to capture a high quality entry and submit it online, please submit by post instead.

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