8. Wabahock Juice

Please use the page text and scene notes to produce artwork with the best chance of winning. We will also be looking for the most imaginative ideas and highest quality formats.

Page Text

“Robot 24810 thought ‘maybe she is thirsty’, so he gave the baby a big bottle of Wabahock Juice.

This time, the baby slurped it all up, leaving Wabahock Juice all over her face.

Suddenly, she let out a… BURP!” 

Scene Notes

  • Imagine and create Wabahock Juice

  • Include Baby with Wabahock Juice over her face

    If you are unable to capture a high quality entry and submit it online, please submit by post instead.

    Contact Details

    Please provide your contact details to allow us to contact you if this artwork is considered for entry into the final publication.