Kate’s Illustrations, for the Fun of It!

We would love to share every entry but rarely do. This is because we want to ensure each entry is unique and not influenced by other competitors. So we love entries from parents and teachers joining in the fun! Even though they will not win, we can enjoy the same creative process and engage with us on social media. 

Today we wanted to highlight some artwork by Kate Washington, aka @kaaronturtle_creates

Kate has always dabbled with art, but during the first lockdown she kept a sketchbook. Now, she tries to work on her doodles and paintings every day.

After sharing multiple stunning entries, we asked Kate for her thoughts on our compeition:

“I’m loving the Beep’s Journey Home pieces as it’s my first attempt at something like this and I’m happy with the results.”

“I think its a brilliant idea, especially during these homeschooling times. I’m hoping it will encourage children to enjoy reading and getting creative.”

We hope this encourages many other people to take part. Being able to share scenes like this always helps to introduce young artists to our competition. If you would like to have a go, visit Join the Competition and send us or tag us in your artwork.