Safa & Sakeena’s Competition Entries – Up Close

Today we are going UP CLOSE on two more fantastic entries into our competition! We are going to hear from Safa (10) & Sakeena (8) about the scenes they have created for us.

Scene 14 – Time for a Haircut is one of the toughest scenes to draw but Safa and Sakeena both took on the challenge. In this scene, Beeps hair is getting too long so Robot 24810 has to give her a haircut. Robot 24810 tried his best and it was a terrible mess…

…But Beep was always delighted.




Sakeena decorated her room with creative and colourful furniture ideas. Her drawing of Robot 24810 and Beep shows how much fun they have together! We recommend you give @sakeenasart a follow on instagram to see all of her other work.

Neck of the Woods asked Sakeena a few questions that we all want to know the answer too….

Sakeena’s favourite story: The Gingerbread Man

Sakeena’s favourite activities: Sketching

Sakeena in three words: Sleepy, Dreamer and Cool!

furniture art competition


Safa’s room was also full of colour and imaginative decorations. As well as showing everyone that Robots aren’t very good at cutting hair, Safa also gave us a beautiful comparison of Before and After her haircut!

Neck of the Woods asked Safa a few questions that we all want to know the answer too….

Safa’s favourite story: Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

Safa’s favourite activities: Drawing

Safa in three words: Clean, organised, helpful

We want to thank Safa & Sakeena for their beautiful entries. If they have inspired your family to get started in our competition, please go to get started.

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